It is highly unlikely that LinkFixer Advanced will abort a process (Scan, Inoculate & Cure, Modify Links, and Move/Rename) in OpenText. All processes have been rigorously tested by our team and attested by client feedback. However, if such circumstance would arise, we suggest you follow our checklist below. 

  1. Ensure the machine LinkFixer Advanced is installed under, meets the "LinkFixer Advanced System Requirements."
  2. Remove any "Load Balancer"" between LinkFixer Advanced and the OpenText server. 
  3. Enable OpenText "MIME setting" in LinkFixer Advanced
  4. If possible, create a "test" OpenText environment with a clone of all the files and OpenText server settings of the production environment.
  5. Set LinkFixer Advanced to "Detailed" logging. 
  6. Set OpenText test environment's log level to debugging mode. (Please ask your OpenText Admin to change this setting in the OpenText server)
  7. Ensure your machine and the document server do not have any antivirus or security software enabled during this exercise. 
  8. Re-run the same LinkFixer Advanced process on the test environment (test with around 100GB of data and not the entire data set). 
  9. If the process does not abort, please run the same LinkFixer Advanced process on around 400 GB of data or less. The goal is to capture enough information in the logs (LinkFixer Advanced, OpenText, and Windows) for us to be able to determine the cause of the abort. 
  10. If the process aborts, send us the LinkFixer Advancedlogs, OpenText Logs, Event Viewer logs.