LinkFixer Advanced version 5.3 or higher now has the ability to allow multiple SharePoint Online IDs to combat throttling. A maximum of 4 LinkFixer Advanced Agents can be spun up for every CPU core a machine has. So a 4-core machine could have 16 completely unique SharePoint Online IDs added for optimal efficiency. The number of unique SharePoint Online credentials is only limited to the number of core-counts a machine has, following the 4:1 SharePoint ID to CPU core ratio. 

Important: All SharePoint Online IDs that are to be added must have the necessary SharePoint Online permission: 

SharePoint Online Permissions

• Domain user account which must be a SharePoint Online Site Collection Administrator and must have read/write access to the Active Directory Domain

• Access to

• Access to the domain

How to add multiple SharePoint Online credentials:

  1. Go to the "hamburger" menu on the top-left
  2. Open "Network Locations"
  3. Click "Add | SharePoint"
  4. Enter your SharePoint Online URL
  5. Enable "Multiple Credentials" by ticking the box for it. 
  6. Click "Add" 
  7. Specify Authentication type. 
    • User name/password - For non MFA-enabled accounts
    • Office 365 - For MFA-enabled accounts
    • Office 365 with admin consent - For MFA-enabled accounts that need the use of the SharePoint Online document ID system. This setup needs the Global Admin to allow consent, once, for each unique user ID.
  8. Enter the unique SharePoint Online credentials. 
  9. Test the connection and click OK
  10. Once all your SharePoint Online IDs have been added, click "Test Connection" again

You also have the ability to import a CSV file, with a list of all unique SharePoint Online credentials and their respective passwords. Please see: How to import multiple SharePoint Online IDs from a CSV file