LinkFixer Advanced allows you to map a SharePoint Online site from within the product. Just go to the "Hamburger" menu | Network Locations | Add | SharePoint

Enter your SharePoint Site Collection URL and specify the type of authentication to be used. 

SharePoint Online authentication types: 

  1. Regular User name/Password authentication
  2. Office 365 (for accounts that have MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication Enabled. Use Office 365 with admin consent to retain file's timestamps)
  3. Office 365 with admin consent (for MFA-enabled accounts. This authentication method retains the "modified by," and "modified date and time" fields of the target files.)

Note: Please see this article for a detailed guide on setting up Office 365 authentication: Office 365 Authentication Procedure 

Make sure to click "Test Connection" to ensure credentials and the connection to the SharePoint Online site is successful. 

For Version 5.3 or higher:

An option to use multiple credentials is available to decrease the chances of getting throttled by Microsoft during LinkFixer Advanced processes in SharePoint Online. Please see this article for a detailed guide on setting up multiple SharePoint Online credentials: How do I use the "multiple credentials" feature for SharePoint Online

You will then be able to navigate to the SharePoint Online site in the LinkFixer Advanced Select Folders screen by selecting the appropriate mapped drive letter under the “Computer” node.

For more information about configuring and using LinkFixer Advanced with SharePoint Online, please see Appendix B of the LinkFixer Advanced User’s Guide. The PDF version of the User’s Guide is available from the "hamburger" menu on the LinkFixer Advanced user interface or via a link in the “LinkFixer Advanced” folder on your desktop.