The first step to connecting to SharePoint Online is to map a drive letter to your SharePoint Online site from the machine that is running LinkFixer Advanced. This will require setting SharePoint Online as a Trusted Site in your Internet security Options. You will also need to configure your log-in for SharePoint Online to save your credentials and log in automatically.

After a drive letter has been mapped, open LinkFixer Advanced and go to the “Network Locations” tab in the ribbon. You will find that the drive letter you just mapped to SharePoint Online is listed there. You should also see that the drive letter is identified as a SharePoint Online location. If not, click “Refresh selected”. When the drive letter is recognized as SharePoint Online, double-click on that row on the Network Locations screen.

This will cause the following dialog box to appear. Enter your SharePoint Online user name and password. Click {Test} to ensure that the configuration you entered is correct.

You will then be able to navigate to the SharePoint Online site in the LinkFixer Advanced Select Folders screen by selecting the appropriate mapped drive letter under the “Computer” node.

For more information about configuring and using LinkFixer Advanced with SharePoint Online, please see Appendix B of the LinkFixer Advanced User’s Guide. The PDF version of the User’s Guide is available from the Application (blue) tab in the LinkFixer Advanced user interface or via a link in the “LinkFixer Advanced” folder on your desktop.