To provide support for modern authentication options with SharePoint Online, the Office 365 authentication option was added for SharePoint Online network locations. It can be selected by clicking the drop-down arrow in the authentication section:

Grant Access

Selecting Office 365 authentication requires your SharePoint Online global administrator to provide consent to allow LinkFixer Advanced to access your SharePoint Online data. To do this, they must click the {Admin consent} button and sign in to Office 365.

After successfully signing in, the following dialog will be displayed which identifies the permissions required by LinkFixer Advanced:


LinkFixer Advanced requires the following SharePoint Online permissions when using Office 365 authentication:

Have full control of all site collections

This permission allows LinkFixer Advanced to access all site collection data in SharePoint Online.

Sign in and read user profile

This permission allows users to sign-in using their Office 365 credentials and allows LinkFixer Advanced to read their profile data and basic company information.

If you attempt to provide admin consent and are not a SharePoint Online global administrator, the following dialog will be displayed: Once your global administrator has clicked the {Accept} button, you will be returned back to the “Configure SharePoint “ dialog.

Sign In

Click the {Sign in} button to sign in to Office 365. Upon successfully signing in, an access token will be created which LinkFixer Advanced will use to access your SharePoint Online data. The sign in process takes place securely with Microsoft servers and your password is never revealed or used by LinkFixer Advanced.

Once you have successfully signed in, you will be returned to the “Configure SharePoint” dialog where your user name and tenant ID is displayed.

Technical Note: An access token allows LinkFixer Advanced to access your SharePoint Online data without needing to know your Office 365 login credentials. The access token is stored in an encrypted file in your LinkFixer Advanced’s ProgramData folder (e.g. “C:\ProgramData\LinkTek\LinkFixer Advanced\”).

Sign Out

Click the {Sign out} button to sign out from Office 365. This will delete the access token and prevent LinkFixer Advanced from accessing your SharePoint Online data.

Normally, you would leave LinkFixer Advanced signed in to Office 365. Each time you start LinkFixer Advanced, the access token is checked to ensure it is still valid. If it has expired, you will need to sign in to Office 365.