Check to see if your license will permit you to run multiple instances of LinkFixer Advanced at the same time at your site. If you have an Organization license or a Site license, you should be able to install and run multiple instances.

By running multiple instances of LinkFixer Advanced, you can reduce very dramatically the total time required to complete your project. For example, running four instances of LinkFixer Advanced at the same time will allow you to cut your total time for processing your file set by about 75%. 

Here are the steps to accomplish this:

  • Set up several virtual (or physical) Windows machines to run LinkFixer Advanced.
  • Install and license LinkFixer Advanced on each machine.
  • Create a separate MS SQL Server database for LinkFixer Advanced using the instructions provided in the User’s Guide.
  • Ensure that all instance of LinkFixer Advanced on all machines are pointed to this same SQL Server database. This is done on the “Options | Database” screen.
  • Run the same LinkFixer Advanced process at the same time on all machines.
  • Point the various instances of LinkFixer Advanced to different segments of your data set.