SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an integrated environment for managing any SQL infrastructure. Use SSMS to access, configure, manage, administer, and develop all components of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and SQL Data Warehouse. 

In the case of LinkFixer Advanced, you can use SSMS to set-up and configure a database.

Download Link: Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

How to set up a LinkFixer Advanced database using SSMS:

1. Download SSMS from the link provided above

2. Install SQL Server Management Studio

3. Launch SQL Server Management Studio

4. Create a database



5. Name and configure your database



·         SQL Database initial size: 1Gb or more

·         SQL Log initial size: 500MB or more

·         DB Autogrowth: 250MB or more

·         LOG Autogrowth: 250MB or more


6. Click "OK"

7. Open LinkFixer Advanced

8. Go to the "hamburger" menu on the top left | Settings | Database | Change Settings




9. Point LinkFixer Advanced to the SQL Server. 

>Change the database provided from SQLite to SQL Server

>Enter the Server name

>User Windows Authentication if you have admin access to the SQL Server

>Select the database name from the drop-down

>Make sure to click "Test Connection"

>Hit "OK"


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What are the Microsoft SQL Database requirements for LinkFixer Advanced?

For more information, please reach out to support at Support@LinkTek.com or submit a support ticket.