Application Requirements — Adobe InDesign

In order to support InDesign (.indd) files, LinkFixer Advanced requires Adobe InDesign to be installed and activated (licensed) on the computer running LinkFixer Advanced.

Which InDesign version do you need?

New releases of InDesign can handle files created with earlier versions of InDesign.

For the purposes of your LinkFixer Advanced processing, you can install any version of InDesign as long as the .indd files you will process were created and last modified with that version or an earlier version.

Important: If you need to keep your .indd files in a specific InDesign version format, please use that version of InDesign during your LinkFixer Advanced processing.

Modifying Links Within InDesign File Types

When using the Modify Links process to modify links contained within Adobe InDesign files using LinkFixer Advanced, it is necessary that the child files that the modified link will point to exist at the location specified by the modified links. Otherwise, the links will not be correctly changed.

OLE servers check for the existence of the child files before modifying the link information. The child files must be in the location and must have the same file name as specified by the links pointing to the child files, or the OLE servers will not modify the links.

This limitation must be cared for when you are using the LinkFixer Advanced Modify Links process where only links have been selected to be modified. In this particular case, you must rename or move these files before you modify the links to point to the new file locations or new file names.

Opening or Closing InDesign During Processing

When LinkFixer Advanced is busy processing Adobe InDesign files, the InDesign application should not be manually opened or closed on the same computer. This may cause an error condition where LinkFixer Advanced cannot properly read or write information to files and links selected to be processed because the needed InDesign OLE server has been closed.

Links to Child Files

In Adobe InDesign, links to child files will display as broken if no appropriate application is associated with that particular file type. You can correct this situation in one of two ways:

  1. Install the necessary application onto the same computer as LinkFixer Advanced.
  2. If the necessary application is already installed, select Tools | Folder Options from the Windows Explorer menu and then select the “File Types” tab. Then assign that application to the extension of that particular child file.