The answer varies depending on the LinkFixer Advanced process being discussed.

Process: Scan Only

LinkFixer Advanced’s Scan Only process does not modify files. Scanning a file does not change its size.

Process: Reports

LinkFixer Advanced’s Reports process does not process files. It is driven by information stored in the LinkFixer Advanced database.

Processes: Inoculate, Cure, Modify Links, Move/Rename, Clean

When a LinkFixer Advanced process makes changes to a file (such as adding inoculation information or modifying links), some or all of the following things happen:

1.    LinkFixer Advanced locks the file for exclusive write access. This keeps other processes from modifying the file.

2.    LinkFixer Advanced reads the entire file into memory.

3.    LinkFixer Advanced adds/updates the inoculation data in the file in memory.

4.    LinkFixer Advanced modifies links in the file in memory, based on the rules you created.

5.    LinkFixer Advanced writes the entire file back to disk.

Saving the File

The process of saving the modified file back to disk saves the entire file. From file to file, this action of saving the entire file can result in the file being somewhat bigger or smaller. This varies widely and is due to the complex nature of the files themselves.

Whether the file size will go up or go down — and the degree of file size change — depends on each specific file. But the amount of change in file size (up or down) is usually minor in relation to the total size of the file.

Your Specific Files

If you need to predict the file size change (larger or smaller) for your files for any reason, we suggest you:

1.    Create a copy of some of your files. These copies are just for testing purposes.

2.    Process those copies of your files (not the original files) with the specific LinkFixer Advanced process you are interested in.

3.    Compare those processed files' “after” file sizes to the sizes of those files before you ran that process (the original, production copies of those files).

This will give you an idea of what file size changes to expect when processing your particular files.

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