Link Reporter is the world’s best link reporting utility. With just a few mouse clicks, Link Reporter will report details and statistics about all of the links contained in over 20 popular types of files. Link Reporter will show you the exact links contained in the file, whether the links are broken or working, and the full path to the files pointed to by the links.


Link Reporter will scan and report on the links in up to 100 gigabytes or 100,000 files at one time. So, you can easily report on terabytes of files, simply by running Link Reporter multiple times. You may use Link Reporter for personal or business purposes, on test or productions files. There is no limitation on the number of times you can run Link Reporter. We require only that you download and install an updated version of the program at least once every six months.


Link Reporter is a sub-set of the even-more-powerful LinkFixer Advanced application. LinkFixer Advanced is the world’s only software tool that can preserve and repair links, automatically, at the click of a button, in batches containing hundreds of thousands of files at a time. Don’t be surprised when you see references to LinkFixer Advanced in various places in the Link Reporter program. While the link fixing features of LinkFixer Advanced have been disabled in Link Reporter, a free 21-day trial of LinkFixer Advanced, and a free online demonstration of its many powerful features, are available by calling LinkTek at 727-442-1822 or by e-mail at

Important Note: This knowledge base is focused on LinkFixer Advanced. However, most of the articles about LinkFixer Advanced, except those related to modification of files and links, also apply to Link Reporter.