Version 5.5.8 and above now supports password protected Excel (.xls and .xlsx) and Word (.doc and .docx) files! LinkFixer Advanced allows you to load a list of passwords in Excel and even password-protect that password file making it accessible only to authorized users. The software then uses the password list to open, and close password-protected files, after having made the necessary link changes in between. 

How to create a password file

1. Open Excel 

2. Input all known passwords in column A of the spreadsheet. Multiple spreadsheets can be used. 

3. Save the workbook as an XLSX file

4. You have the option of password-protecting your XLSX workbook by going to File | Info | Protect Workbook | Encrypt with password

How to load your password file in LinkFixer Advanced

1. Click on the {☰} Hamburger menu in the top-left of the main app window

2. Go to "Settings"

3. Click the "Files" setting

4. Under "Password-Protected Files," tick "Enter the name of a file containing a list of your passwords."

5. Hit the "Browse" button

6. Look for your password file by browsing its location and selecting the file

7. If a password is needed to open the password file, enter it in the "Password" field and hit {Enter}

8. You can specify which Excel sheet in the workbook you want to load the passwords from. If you want all passwords in all spreadsheets loaded, select "All"

9. The number of unique passwords will then be displayed at the bottom of the page

10. All LinkFixer Advanced processes will now have this password file loaded. 

For questions or inquiries, please send a support ticket or email