Where on your network you install LinkFixer Advanced can have a profound effect on the speed at which LinkFixer Advanced can process your files and links. In general, you should install LinkFixer Advanced as close as possible to both the data you intend to process and your SQL Server database. The images below illustrate the relative speed and efficiency of various network configurations.

LinkFixer Advanced will always work fastest when it is installed in the same location as the data and your SQL Server.

Processing speeds will always be relatively slower if you install LinkFixer Advanced in your local data center but configure it to process files that are located in a remote data center. This occurs as a result of network latency between the data centers.

We strongly recommend that you avoid installing LinkFixer Advanced at a distance from your SQL Server. LinkFixer Advanced communicates even more frequently with the SQL database than it does with your data. So, any network latency introduced between LinkFixer Advanced and the database will have even more of a negative effect on speed than distance between LinkFixer Advanced and your data set.

The worst-case scenario would be if you install LinkFixer Advanced in a location that is remote from both the SQL database and your data.

Notice also that running only one instance of LinkFixer Advanced will always be slower than running multiple instances with each instance pointed to a different segment of your data.