An "absolute" link is one that contains the complete file path to the child file pointed to by the link. This includes the drive letter, the directories in the path, the basename of the file and the extension.


  • “C:\Company\Division\Department\Section\Filename.doc”.

LinkFixer Advanced has the ability, using the Modify Links process, to change your links to their absolute format in bulk. “Force links absolute” changes the file specification of each link pointing to a child file to be the full, absolute path to the child file.

The Inoculate, Cure and Move/Rename processes each provide an option to "finish" links by converting them to their absolute format after the primary process has been run. Below is an example from the Cure Options screen:

If you do not select one of these "finishing" options, LinkFixer Advanced's default behavior is to leave links in the format they were in before LinkFixer Advanced modified them. So, relative links remain relative, absolute links remain absolute and UNC links remain UNC.