Question: I can see that there are hundreds of cell formula links in this spreadsheet, but LinkFixer Advanced is reporting only five. What's going on?

Answer: Those hundreds of links probably all point to the same five files.

By default, LinkFixer Advanced will only report on the unique links it finds in an Excel file. Part of the reason for this is that this is the way the links are stored by Excel in your spreadsheet: All those hundreds of links refer to only five link paths that are stored in the file by Excel.

If you need (or simply prefer) to see all of those hundreds of cell links in the LinkFixer Advanced reports, it is easy to instruct LinkFixer Advanced to show them.

  1. Go to the "Application" (blue) tab in the upper left corner of the LinkFixer Advanced user interface and click {Options}. 
  2. Select "Plug-ins".
  3. Under "Excel Options" you will see the setting for "Enhanced cell formula link counting and reporting".

Enabling this setting will cause LinkFixer Advanced to report each individual cell formula link, instead of only the unique links in the files.