Each individual LinkFixer Advanced process produces a set of four reports. These reports present the details of the specific process that was just run and the specific group of files that was selected for that process.

The "Create Report" process reports on the entire contents of the LinkFixer Advanced database. This can include the folders and files that were selected and processed during several previous LinkFixer Advanced processes.

"Create Report" is also different in that it can generate reports in any of the following three different formats:

  • Regular Report -- This format reports parent files and the child files that are pointed to by the links in each parent file.
  • Cross Reference Report -- This format reports child files and the parent files that contain links pointing to those child files.
  • Broken Links Report -- This format reports only broken links found in parent files in the database.

All types of LinkFixer Advanced reports can be found in the "LinkFixer Advanced\Reports" folder on your Windows Desktop, or by clicking the "Open Folder" button in the "ribbon" of the LinkFixer Advanced user interface.