There can be a difference between running a program as a user with administrative privileges (member of the Administrator group) and running the program using "Run as administrator".

We recommend that you run LinkFixer Advanced using a user account that has administrative privileges.

LinkFixer Advanced inherits the permissions of the user who is logged into the machine that is running LinkFixer Advanced. So, if you log into your machine using an administrator account, LinkFixer Advanced will have all of the permissions and power you have when accessing network locations, drives, folders and files. The same is not necessarily true if you run LinkFixer Advanced using "Run as administrator".

We have seen situations where a user will map drives and Network Places while logged in as their normal (administrator) user. Then, they launch LinkFixer Advanced using "Run as administrator". When this occurs, LinkFixer Advanced is often not able to access the network locations, drives, folders and files that were mapped by, and accessible to, the "normal" user account. Windows sees the "Run as administrator" account as different from the "normal" (administrator) user and blocks access to the locations of the "normal" user.

To avoid this type of problem, we recommend that you log in to the machine running LinkFixer Advanced using an account with administrative privileges. Use this same account when mapping drive letters and Network Places. Then, use this same account to launch and run LinkFixer Advanced. 

You will find it unnecessary to "Run as administrator" if you take the above steps.