"Migration features" are a set of optional, extra-cost Move/Rename functions that enhance the ability of LinkFixer Advanced to assist with migration projects.

By default, LinkFixer Advanced can preserve the existing file permissions and attributes of the files it Move/Renames to a new location. Or, the user can choose to allow these files to inherit the permissions of the folder locations the files are moved to. By default, LinkFixer Advanced will create new sub-folders during the Move/Rename process by inheriting the permissions and attributes of the folders it find in the new location.

The "migration features" option expands the above default capabilities of LinkFixer Advanced to include the ability to preserve the existing permissions and attributes of foldersinstead of only inheriting the permissions and attributes of the new location.

When migration features are purchased and enabled, two additional check-boxes appear at the bottom of the "Perform Move/Rename" screen, and give the user the option to copy (preserve) existing folder permissions and attributes to the new location.

LinkFixer Advanced Classic View

LinkFixer Advanced New UI