LinkFixer Advanced has a feature that allows you to easily initiate a support ticket from within LinkFixer Advanced. This feature automatically gathers your recent logs, reports and other program data that will help our developers diagnose and fix any issue you may in encounter while running LinkFixer Advanced.

To submit a support ticket from within LinkFixer Advanced, take the following steps:

  • Navigate to the "Application" (blue) tab in the upper left of the LinkFixer Advanced user interface screen.
  • Click {Support Ticket}.
  • Provide the required information.
  • Add any additional files or screen shots that might help our developers understand the issue.
  • If the issue involves any specific files, please provide at least one copy of the files "before" and one "after" being processed by LinkFixer Advanced.
  • Submit the support request.

Your logs, reports and other files will be uploaded to our secure folder on Amazon Web Services. A ticket will automatically be created in our system and associated with your uploaded files.

A support representative may contact you for more detailed information.

This "Support Ticket" feature of LinkFixer Advanced is the quickest and easiest way to request support while also providing the information necessary to resolve the ticket.