Question: We inoculated our files in the original location, and migrated them to a new location. But many of the child files are now in sub-folders called "Links", and many of the files have the same names such as "Image 1", "Image 2", "Image 3", etc. Can LinkFixer Advanced still cure my links if the folder and files names are not unique?

Answer: Yes. Absolutely!

It doesn't matter that the child files have similar (or the same) names. It doesn't matter that the sub-folders all now have the same name. The only thing that matters to the Cure process is matching the linkIDs and fileIDs that are located in the parent and child files. If LinkFixer Advanced finds a match between the linkID in a parent file and the fileID in a child file, it doesn't matter where those two files are located or what (new) names they may have. It is these matching IDs that tell LinkFixer Advanced which files to re-link during the Cure process.

So, if you do the inoculate process correctly and completely on all the files in the original location, you should find that all of the links in all of the files will get fixed by the Cure process.