The installer for LinkFixer Advanced includes sample files for most of the file types it can process. These sample files can be found in the “Sample Files\” sub-directory in the "LinkFixer Advanced" folder on your desktop.

Using the Sample Files

After you install LinkFixer Advanced, the sample files are ready to use. We recommend that you become familiar with LinkFixer Advanced by using the included sample files first. We have provided a simple method to easily refresh the sample files to their original state after you have run one or more LinkFixer Advanced processes on them.

Refreshing Sample Files

If you have previously gone through one or more of the Quick Start lessons, you may wish to refresh the sample files before going through the lessons another time. Refreshing the sample files will ensure they are properly setup for use with the Quick Start lessons.

To refresh the sample files, locate the self-extracting executable file “Refresh Sample Files.exe” within the same folder on your desktop. This file contains the original sample files used in the Quick Start lessons. Double-click on this “Refresh Sample Files.exe” file. All sample files will be refreshed.

For version 5.3.0 or higher, a "Refresh Sample Files" button is made available under the "Hamburger" menu | Settings | General tab.