The best time to use LinkFixer Advanced is before moving any of the files, while the links are still working. For example, if your company is planning to move its documents in to a Document Management System such as SharePoint, the best time to use LinkFixer Advanced is prior to moving any files. 

LinkFixer Advanced can protect the valid links in your files, so that they can be automatically repaired after they are broken by the move. Or LinkFixer Advanced can move the files itself using the built-in Move/Rename process, while automatically preserving each of the links as it moves each file.

On the other hand, LinkFixer Advanced can also be of tremendous assistance if you have already moved or renamed your files, and broken their links in the process. In many cases, LinkFixer Advanced can fix the links that are already broken, using the Modify Links process. All you have to do is supply a list of the changes that occurred in the file names and locations when the files were moved. 

LinkFixer Advanced can then use the same patterns to automatically repair the broken links in one or more batches, saving time, money, effort (and maybe even your job).