When LinkFixer Advanced inoculates an Access parent file, it creates a hidden table in which it stores the linkIDs that make the Cure process possible. These linkIDs are essential because they allow LinkFixer Advanced to match links in the parent file with the correct child file that the links should point to. This "LinkTek" table is normally not visible to the user unless the user has enabled "view hidden/system tables" in Access.

We don't remove those tables automatically after the Cure process because we cannot be sure that you will not need those linkIDs again in the future. If you think you might ever need to cure the links in these Access files again in the future, you probably should keep this "LinkTek" table.

If you are certain you want to remove these tables, and not just have them remain hidden, you can simply remove the table from each Access file.

If you need to remove this table from a large number of files, please open a Support ticket. We have a way to help you.