The LinkFixer Advanced "Network Locations" screen shows the network drives that are mapped by, and accessible to, the user who is logged on to the machine that is running LinkFixer Advanced.

If, however, you map a drive while logged on as one user  and run LinkFixer Advanced while logged on as another user, this can create problems. For example, if you map your Z:\ drive while logged on as user “A”, and try to use that drive in LinkFixer Advanced while logged in as user “B”, LinkFixer Advanced will probably not be able to “see” the drive that was mapped by user “A”.

The best method of handling permissions is to log into the machine running LinkFixer Advanced using a user account that has sufficient permissions on the network to allow LinkFixer Advanced to do its work. Then, log into LinkFixer Advanced using that same (administrative) user account. LinkFixer Advanced inherits its permissions from the user who logged into the machine it is running on.

Please log on to the machine that is running LinkFixer Advanced using an administrator account. Map your drives while logged in as that same (administrator) user. Then, launch LinkFixer Advanced (using that same administrator user account).