In most cases, users buy LinkFixer Advanced licenses that allow for processing an unlimited number of links. However, some users prefer a license that includes a "link limit".

If your license has a link limit, that link limit is only a limit for each run. So, it would be possible for you to divide your files set into segments, perhaps by folder or share, and process multiple segments one after the other. As long as you divide the job into small enough segments, you can process any number of files and links using any specific link limit. But, the lower the link limit, the more planning and manual work you will need to do yourself.

When LinkFixer Advanced processes a file, it will check (and count) each link it encounters, unless that link is excluded by a filter. For example, if you were to exclude all links that point to DOC or DOCX files, then those links would be skipped and would not count against your link limit. 

There is no way to filter out links that are broken. So, both broken and working links that LinkFixer Advanced finds in your files will count toward the link limit. So, you need to choose the size of your "segments" based on the number of links in the segment, not the number of files. 

For example, if a scan of your files reveal that you have 472,489 links (working and broken) in your total file set, those links could be processed in 10 segments.