The Database Options settings dialog box is appearing at launch because LinkFixer Advanced is not able to find or connect to your SQL Server database. LinkFixer Advanced tests that database connection at startup. If LinkFixer Advanced is not able to connect to your MS SQL Server, it presents this dialog box to give you the opportunity to correct the connection issue.

If the address of your MS SQL Server changed, you will need to enter the correct new address in this LinkFixer Advanced dialog box. Or, if the database is off-line, you will need to get the database restarted.

Worst case, if you cannot reconnect to MS SQL Server at this time, you can get past this dialog box by changing the drop-down in the top section to use the “File System” database. This enables the built-in SQLite database, but that SQLite database should not be used for production. You will still need to resolve the connection issue and reconnect with SQL Server, prior to running your production job.