Cure error #4302 often indicates that the “child” files that are pointed to by the links in the files on the destination drive were not included in the “scope” of the files and folders selected to be processed by the Cure process. When this occurs, you will not find the child file that is pointed to by this link anywhere among the files in column C of the Processed Report. This means that the child files were not available for processing and did not get found by LinkFixer Advanced. LinkFixer Advanced is reporting the same thing when it says in the report “The link could not be cured because the child file was not found.”

In order for LinkFixer Advanced to cure the links between the specified child file and any of the (potentially many) parent files that could contain links pointing to that child file, the folder containing the child file must be included in the “Select Folders” screen when setting up the Cure process. The rule to remember is that LinkFixer Advanced cannot cure any links unless it can find and process both the parent files and the child files.

It is easy to remember to point LinkFixer Advanced to the correct folders so that it is able to find and scan the “parent” files. But, it is also critical that you also point LinkFixer Advanced to the “child” files as well, when you are selecting locations in the “Select Folder” screen. 

This error message can occur if the new location of the (moved) child files was not selected in the “Select Folders” screen, or if the child files were not moved to the new location along with the parent files. Please check both of these situations.