If users have mapped links that point to data that is stored on their local machine, a difficult situation is created. In order for LinkFixer Advanced to be able to find and process these links, it would be necessary to install and run an instance of LinkFixer Advanced on that user’s machine. That is the only way we know that such links could be inoculated so that they can easily be moved to a new location and the links repaired. If such links can be inoculated on the local machine, they can then by moved to a network location and cured using LinkFixer Advanced.

It is not good practice for users of files on the network to link to documents on their desktop. Such links are always broken for any other user who tries to use the file. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent these links from being a problem now would have been for the users not to create them in the first place.

LinkFixer Advanced can help you fix these links, but it requires some extra planning and work.