Whenever you are setting up LinkFixer Advanced to use SQL Server, ONLY create a separate blank data base for use by LinkFixer Advanced. LinkFixer Advanced will create the necessary schema within this database. Please see this note in the LinkFixer Advanced User’s Guide:

Note: Also, the following is important to know regarding the SQL database:

  1. LinkFixer Advanced requires a blank database to which the LinkFixer Advanced user has read/write access. 
  2. LinkFixer Advanced requires the default schema be used for the database. 
  3. When LinkFixer Advanced creates its schema, it does not use named schemas and expects its own schema to be the default (“dbo”). There should not be any conflict with other schemas, as LinkFixer Advanced only uses and requires a single schema for its operation.

For more information, see the following article under the section titled “Default Schema”: 

SQL Server Best Practices – Implementation of Database Object Schemas