Yes, LinkFixer Advanced has been specifically designed to move or rename batches of files and folders without causing broken links.The most common method of moving files and/or reorganizing folder structures without causing broken links would include the following steps:

  1. Running the “Inoculate” process on the files prior to moving them. This process prepares the files so the links they contain can be automatically fixed after they are migrated to a new location.
  2. Moving the files to the new location and/or new folder structure using Windows Explorer or any other desired method.
  3. Running the “Cure” process to automatically fix all the links in the moved files that were broken as a result of the move.

You can also easily migrate a large number of files from one location to another by using the LinkFixer Advanced Move/Rename process. This process moves the selected files from one location to another while automatically updating any links that would otherwise have been broken by the migration. Some users prefer to migrate files using Move/Rename because the entire migration can be accomplished in a single pass through the data.

But what if disaster has already struck? What if someone has already moved (migrated) a bunch of your files and folders, before you had LinkFixer Advanced? And what if doing so has already given you a ton of broken file links? Is it too late?…No! It’s not too late. LinkFixer Advanced can also help you get out of a disaster.  The Modify Links process allows you to write sophisticated rename rules that can modify your links to cause them to point correctly to the child files in their new locations.