If your company already has Microsoft SQL Server installed, have your database administrator make a new database specifically for LinkFixer Advanced. LinkFixer Advanced will automatically create the necessary database schema when it first accesses the database.

Select the “Settings | Database | Change Settings” screen from within the "hamburger" menu in LinkFixer Advanced. You will be presented with choices to manage the location and settings of the SQL database.

Under the “Database Provider” section of the screen, select “SQL Server” from the drop-down menu options.

Then under the “Database Connection Settings” section of the screen, select an available SQL server from the drop-down menu in “Server name”.

Select the type of authentication needed for the database (Windows or SQL Server authentication) and then enter in the appropriate “User name” and “Password”.

Choose the name of your LinkFixer database from the drop-down list in the “Database” field.

Next, click on the {Test Connection} button to test the connection to the SQL database and verify that LinkFixer Advanced correctly recognizes the database. If the settings are correct, you will receive a “success” message.

For further detailed information about configuring your SQL server and database, see the “Database Requirements” section of Chapter Two in the LinkFixer Advanced User’s Guide.