If your company already has Microsoft SQL Server installed, have your database administrator make a new database specifically for LinkFixer Advanced. LinkFixer Advanced will automatically create the necessary database schema when it first accesses the database.

By default, Microsoft SQL will configure the database to grow “organically” as more space is needed. But because LinkFixer Advanced adds large numbers of entries very rapidly when Scanning, the default SQL configuration can consume significant resources on the server, as SQL continuously attempts to increase the size of the database to keep up with new entries.

We recommend that you pre-allocate at least 1 Gigabyte to the database, and configure SQL to grow the size of the database by 250-megabyte increments when necessary. We also recommend that you provision your SQL Server machine with at least 16 gigabytes of memory and 4 cores.

You should limit SQL Server’s use of memory to an amount that is 4 gigabytes less than the total available memory on the machine. This prevents SQL Server from using so much memory that it deprives Windows of memory it needs to operate efficiently.

Also, the following is important to know regarding the SQL database:

  1. LinkFixer Advanced requires a dedicated database, where it is “db_owner”. This can be accomplished by giving “db_owner” rights to the user who will be running LinkFixer Advanced.
  2. LinkFixer Advanced was not designed to work on a named schema within a shared SQL database.
  3. When LinkFixer Advanced creates the schema, it does not use named schemas and expects it to be the default schema (“dbo”). There should not be any conflict with other schemas, as LinkFixer Advanced only uses and requires a single schema for its operation.

For more information, see the following article under the section titled “Default Schema”:



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