Yes, LinkFixer Advanced can be used to move files into OpenText Content Server while automatically maintaining the integrity of the file links!

There are two ways to move files into OpenText while preserving the integrity of the links contained within the files. You can do this by either using the LinkFixer Advanced “Move/Rename” process, or by using the “Inoculate” process in conjunction with the “Cure” process.

When you use the LinkFixer Advanced “Move/Rename” process to move the files into OpenText, links will automatically be preserved during the migration of the files. In many cases, this is the simplest and fastest way to move files into OpenText. Moving the files and fixing the links in the files is accomplished in a single process.

If you wish to use some other utility to migrate your files into OpenText, you can use the "Inoculate and Cure" processes to protect and repair the links. Use the LinkFixer Advanced “Inoculate” process before the migration to prepare and protect the links. Then, use the “Cure” process after the migration to automatically repair all your links. With this method, file links will be temporarily broken after using your migration utility to move the files, but the links will be automatically repaired by the LinkFixer Advanced “Cure” process.