There are three important settings in every SharePoint library that affect how LinkFixer Advanced will process your files. These settings are “Content Approval”, “Version Control” and “Require Checkout”.

A document library can be configured to require Content Approval. When Content Approval is enabled, any new or changed content must be approved by a designated SharePoint user in order to change the workflow status of the content from “Pending” to “Approved”, and make the document changes visible to other SharePoint users. LinkFixer Advanced is able to work around Content Approval, when it is enabled, but doing so will slow down the speed at which LinkFixer Advanced processes files. As a result, we recommend that you disable Content Approval in SharePoint prior to running LinkFixer Advanced, and then re-enable Content Approval after the processing is complete.

If Version Control is enabled in SharePoint, LinkFixer Advanced will create a new document version every time it modifies a file in SharePoint. The document version is incremented when LinkFixer Advanced checks in a file that it has processed. If the SharePoint document library is set to use “minor” versioning, LinkFixer Advanced will increment the version from (for example) “2.0” to “2.1”. If library setting is set to “major” versioning, LinkFixer Advanced will increment the version from “2.0” to “3.0”.

LinkFixer Advanced will automatically check files in and out of SharePoint as required to complete its processing tasks, regardless of whether the Require Checkout setting is enabled. Remember, however, that enabling Require Checkout can result in an unexpected issue when LinkFixer Advanced attempts to cure files that have been moved to SharePoint using Windows Explorer, RoboCopy or other common move tools. These files will be received by SharePoint in a “checked-out” state as a result of the Require Checkout setting. When LinkFixer Advanced then tries to check out these file, in order to cure them, it is unable to do so because the files are already “checked-out”. For this reason, we recommend that you disable the Require Checkout setting before you run LinkFixer Advanced on your files in SharePoint.