LinkFixer Advanced can be used to automatically find and fix broken links in files that are moved into a SharePoint document Library or attached to a SharePoint List.

In general, LinkFixer Advanced can find and fix links within any of the file types supported by LinkFixer Advanced when they are stored within a SharePoint Document Library or attached to a SharePoint List. Any of the LinkFixer Advanced processes — Inoculate, Cure, Move/Rename and Modify Links — can be used on supported files and links in SharePoint.

By default, LinkFixer Advanced does not process SharePoint system files or folders. Because most SharePoint system files are ASPX files, this file type is excluded by default from processing by LinkFixer Advanced throughout SharePoint. This default behavior can be changed from the “Settings | SharePoint | System files” screen by enabling the “Process SharePoint system files” option. You should exercise caution when enabling this option, however, because any modifications that LinkFixer Advanced might make to system files could lead to instability or failure of your SharePoint system.

Of course, LinkFixer Advanced cannot move into SharePoint or process within SharePoint any file types that are prohibited by SharePoint. For a list of file types that cannot be added to a List or Library in various versions of SharePoint, see the following document: