SharePoint library settings include a setting that will “require check-out” of files when a user wishes to access them. When you work with a document library that requires check-out of files, it is important to understand how SharePoint handles files that are migrated into the library.

If you “drag and drop” files into SharePoint using Windows Explorer, or move files into SharePoint using a utility like RoboCopy, SharePoint will initially set all files added to the library as “checked-out” by the user who added the files to the library. Before you can use LinkFixer Advanced to process any files stored in such a document library, you will need to “check the files in”. Neither LinkFixer Advanced nor any users will be able to access the files when they are in the “checked-out” state. The files must be “checked in” before they can be accessed or modified.

You will need to do one of the following, prior to using LinkFixer Advanced to process files that are being added to a document library that requires check-out of files:

  1. Disable the “require check-out” setting for the document library before adding files to the library, and then re-enable the setting afterwards.
  2. Check in all of the files after adding them to the document library.

It is often easier to use the first option rather than the second.

You can click here for a Microsoft article that provides more details regarding document libraries that require check-out of files.