Yes, Adobe InDesign must be installed on the same computer as LinkFixer Advanced when processing links contained in Adobe InDesign files. The (.indd) file type is the only one that must have its corresponding application installed in order for LinkFixer Advanced to process links in its files. LinkFixer Advanced uses the Adobe InDesign program as an “application server” to assist with the processing of InDesign files.

InDesign is fully backwards compatible when processing InDesign files that were created using earlier versions of InDesign. So, you don’t need to install every version of InDesign to handle the various versions of the InDesign files you want to process. You only need a version of InDesign that is as new as, or newer than, the newest InDesign files in your file set.

Using the “Modify Links” Process Within InDesign Files

When using the LinkFixer Advanced Modify Links processes to modify links within Adobe InDesign files, you will need to ensure that the child files that the modified links will point to exist at the location specified by the modified links. To avoid creating broken links, the Adobe InDesign applications server automatically checks for the existence of child files before modifying link paths to point to them. If the child files do not exist in the new location or do not have the same file names as will be contained in the modified links in the parent files, the InDesign application server will not modify the links.

By default, LinkFixer Advanced also conducts a similar check for the existence of the child files before modifying links to point to a new location. Although this safety feature can be turned off in LinkFixer Advanced, it cannot be disabled in InDesign.

Opening or Closing InDesign During Processing
Do not open or close the InDesign application while LinkFixer Advanced is processing Adobe InDesign files. Doing so may cause an error condition where LinkFixer Advanced cannot properly read or write information about the files and links you have selected to be processed. LinkFixer Advanced needs exclusive control of the InDesign application server while it is processing InDesign files.

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