No, it is not necessary to run the Scan process on a set of files before running the Inoculate process on them. The default behavior of LinkFixer Advanced is to automatically scan all selected files prior to running the Inoculate process. The same is true with other LinkFixer Advanced processes including the Cure, Move/Rename and Modify Links processes.

Here is a specific example: To scan files as a part of the LinkFixer Advanced Inoculate process, just click on the “Inoculate” tab on the “ribbon” at the top of the page. This takes you to the “Inoculate Options” page, where the option to “Inoculate a specific selection of files and links” is enabled by default.

LinkFixer Advanced Inoculate Scan Radio Button Option

On the next screen, select the folders and files to be scanned and processed. LinkFixer Advanced will scan and process the selected folders and files in a single “pass” through the data.

Note: When the option to process “a specific selection of files and links” is enabled, you will also have the option to “Clear database”. Unless you have a specific reason to preserve the existing data in the database, it is usually a good idea to leave enabled the “Clear database” setting. This allows LinkFixer Advanced to “start fresh” on the current set of data.