• Four processors are required as a minimum. Using 16 processors is strongly recommended for faster processing. 
  • 16 gigabytes of RAM are required as a minimum. Using 64 gigabytes of RAM is strongly recommended for a greater (faster) experience. (4 CPUs to 16 GB RAM, or 8 CPUs to 32 GB RAM, or 16 CPUs: 64 GB RAM). You must install CPUs and RAM in a 1 to 4 ratio. 
  • Recommended: 200 gigabytes of available hard disk space. System free space must be at least 150 GB after install of LinkFixer Advanced. 
  • Multiple computers to share the processing load are also recommended. LinkFixer Advanced can share its workload across multiple computers. In most cases, this can dramatically increase your processing speed and thus shorten your migration jobs. 



  • Windows 7 or newer operating system, or Windows Server 2008 or newer.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is required for optimal performance.
  • .NET 4.6.1 framework is required. This will be installed along with LinkFixer Advanced if not already present.
  • Ports that must remain open are: (80 (HTTP),443 (TCP HTTPS, Amazon S3), 53 (DNS), 8080 (HTTP), 22 (Support channel), 123 (NTP),111 (Amazon Data), 2049 (NFS), 20048 (NFS v3), 139(SMB v2), 445 (SMB v3) https://docs.aws.amazon.com/storagegateway/latest/userguide/Resource_Ports.html

           AWS IP Address Ranges: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/Welcome.html


Your Windows user account must have read and write access to every network location, server, share, directory and file that LinkFixer Advanced will be instructed to process. And you will need to remove any password protection or security encryption from your files in order for LinkFixer Advanced to be able to process them.

Also, in order for LinkFixer Advanced to be properly installed, licensed and able to correctly process files and links, the following permissions are required:

  • Full control access to the folder “C:\ProgramData\LinkTek\LinkFixer Advanced\”. Access should include all files and subfolders
  • Full control access to the folder “C:\Users\Public\Desktop\LinkFixer Advanced\”. Access should include all files and subfolders
  • Internet Access (for License Activation)
  • Access to the Internet domain “https://secure.softwarekey.com”

SharePoint Online (when processing files in SharePoint)