LinkFixer Advanced needs to be able to connect to SharePoint using Windows Explorer, not your browser. LinkFixer Advanced uses WebDAV and Web Services, rather than Internet protocols to access SharePoint.

The best way to accomplish this is to map a drive letter to SharePoint using Windows Explorer. To do this, start Windows Explorer and right-click on "My Computer" (or "Computer" in Windows 7).

Select "Map Network Drive".

Choose a drive letter and enter the UNC path, URL or IP address of your SharePoint site collection. You may be asked for Authentication information. When you have provided any required information, you will see the internal directory structure of your SharePoint site collection:

Next time you open LinkFixer Advanced, you will see the new mapped SharePoint location in the LinkFixer Advanced "Network Locations" screen and in any "Select Folders" screens in any of the process wizards. You will find all mapped drive locations under the "Computer" node in "Select Folders".

You will now be able to navigate and select sites and libraries in SharePoint for processing by LinkFixer Advanced.