In order to be resolved correctly, links in SharePoint Online need to be in the form "https://[your_company]". LinkFixer Advanced knows how to determine and use correctly this link format when it is repairing links in files in SharePoint Online.

The first step in processing files and links in SharePoint Online is to map a local drive letter to your SharePoint Online site collection. The steps to do this are covered in this knowledge base article: This drive mapping makes it possible for LinkFixer Advanced to easily access and authenticate to SharePoint Online.

LinkFixer Advanced will automatically translate the SharePoint Online locations it accesses by way of the mapped drive into the correct "https://[your_company]" format.

LinkFixer Advanced also supports the use of Document IDs in SharePoint (also known as "Durable Links"). When Document ID support is enabled, links in SharePoint will be created by LinkFixer Advanced in the form "". More information about the use of Document IDs in SharePoint is available here: