LinkFixer Advanced reports files using the same type of path from which they were accessed. If a mapped drive letter is used to access files, the file paths will contain the drive letter. If a network folder or network location is used to access files, these would use UNC paths and so the parent files will be displayed with UNC paths.

Note that UNC paths must have a server name and share name (for example: “\\server\share”). If there is no share, Windows will substitute “DavWWWRoot” as the share name. The “DavWWWRoot” is a Windows keyword that tells the Windows driver that handles WebDAV requests, that you are connecting to the root of a WebDAV server.

And if a link contains an HTTP path, LinkFixer Advanced will convert it to a UNC path in order to perform any needed file operations on the child file. The link and parent file are not altered in any way though.

An example would include the following:

Link in file:


LinkFixer Advanced reports the link as: